August 3rd, 2018


Good news all around

Today was just full of exciting things, and to top it off, it's Tuxedo Mask's birthday! Happy birthday, Tux!

It started out with work, as usual, but! work was going pretty fast, to the point where it looked like we would almost certainly finish our quota before dinner and have time to actually do Something Else this evening. I mean, experience has told us never to get too far ahead of ourselves, but this was really promising, even considering.

Next, we got a phone call from the woman who was organizing the baptism tomorrow. We're always happy to help with the music at baptisms, but this one is going to be at eleven in the morning, which meant it could potentially interfere with our sleeping in and our grocery shopping plans. These are both very important things for sleep deprived people who don't have the strength to carry more than a week's worth of groceries every week. (It probably doesn't help that, through our fatigue, the only thing we're really interested in eating for dinner is frozen pizza, and we basically only have a mini fridge. (Other than pizza, we mostly only need it for milk, ice cream, and cookie dough. I'm sorry for horrifying everyone with our inability to eat fresh produce.))

Anyway, the woman in charge called to inform us that the chorister and pianist who would be doing the music for the baptism right before this one were going to stay and help with this one. Normally I don't like being usurped like that, but we really need the sleep, so right now we're just really glad to off the hook, and really excited to get lots of sleep and buy groceries.

Then we actually did finish work before dinner! Yes! And we made such good progress that we even exceeded our quota! Not to the point where we finished the book, but we'll have significantly less work to do on Monday! So we ordered a Cheesy Bites Pizza, and looked forward to a relaxing evening.

While we were eating the pizza we had the best news of all, but it takes some explanation, so I'll skip ahead to the Wizarding World crates! Woohoo! We finally had them both, and we had time to open them! And the stuff inside was so cool! (There weren't actually any plushies, though.) The people who come up with the loot ideas are so good at making it super appropriate not just to the theme of each month's box, but to the theme of the box as a whole. Collapse )

As for the best news! When the pizza guy came, he scared away no less than three of neighborhood cats that were hanging out in our patio. He asked to confirm that they would come back, and I assured him they would. So as I sat down with another slice of pizza, I looked out the window, and two cats had returned. They were not the same cats that had left, which I found to be amusing.

As I looked on, still amused, I noticed that the black cat had a miniature duplicate with her! I forgot to mention this as we were reporting about Anime Expo, but maybe you remember the litter of kittens that was born soon before the event? Well, when we got back, we noticed that our patio was devoid of all kittens. We knew the management took away the last litter (I'm still really miffed about that--those kittens were still nursing!), so we were afraid maybe it had happened again. But the bed in the cat house was undisturbed, so evidence was inconclusive. We also remembered that the mother cat had been known to migrate with her kittens before, and after the last litter got stolen, and the weekend of Anime Expo was the hottest all summer, it made sense that she might have wanted to relocate them. We kept that hope in our hearts and then got back to work because what else could we do? (We also hoped that when Mama Kitty came and hung out in our patio all alone, she was just taking a break from the kittens.)

And so! the miniature black cat was a very welcome sight indeed! Soon after that, we looked outside again and saw that they had been joined by a little white kitten, and later Athena heard the mewing of a little gray kitten as its mother carried it into our patio. There were four kittens in that litter, though, so hopefully the fourth one is okay. I think we should know in a day or two. But even if we never see it, we can always hope that one of our cat-loving neighbors found it and took it in.

The downside is that now we have a bunch of kittens we're going to need to re-home.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work early today, getting to open our Wizarding World crates (the t-shirts have been delayed, but there was a note inside assuring us they would be coming later), getting to have a Cheesy Bites pizza, the return of the kittens, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.