August 2nd, 2018


My Brother the Shut-in volume 6

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, you guys, work was so hard today! UQ Holder had to go and be all Negima-like on us. We haven't had a chapter of UQ Holder that talkative in a loooooong time. And we're not just talking a lot of people talking a lot. They had to give big long speeches and everything. Man, it was like the Negima festival volumes. ...Maybe not that bad. But those were a long time ago, so I don't remember.

That in itself wouldn't be so bad, but we still had half a volume of My Monster Secret to translate! And that one decided to be talkative, too! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!! It was really sweet though. We had about half a chapter left by bedtime (and it was the last chapter of a four-chapter arc in a very episodic series), so we decided to keep going which was fine, because by then it was less talkative and more dramatic (but still rather talkative, man), but then the bonus comic at the end got super talkative, and now here we are almost an hour past bedtime, and I promised to post a review!

So here it is, our review of My Brother the Shut-In volume six! Spoilers ahead!

Collapse )

Wow, this series seems to always show up when we're crunched. I think the review says it all, so I don't have a followup. I guess I'll say, "I agree."

And speaking of My Monster Secret, tune in on Tuesday for our review of My Monster Secret 11!

Today I'm thankful for finally finishing that chapter of UQ Holder!, finally finishing that first draft of My Monster Secret (it made me cry!), having both of our Wizarding World crates (but we probably won't open them tonight, because it's so late), having finally set up the fan in our bedroom, and getting to translate My Brother the Shut-In (and surviving the process).