July 25th, 2018


Adventures in pancakes

We sat down to get to work today...and realized that we didn't actually have the volume of manga we were planning to work on. Our deadline is two days away, so we figured we'd just get it on Book Walker...but this particular series is not available to be downloaded overseas. Well, that put a damper on our plans.

We emailed our boss and explained the situation, and asked for a copy of the book. And in the meantime, it's time for more schedule shuffling! I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, because the next thing on our to-do list is Sailor Moon. So originally the plan was to get a rough draft done and maybe have time to watch an episode of anime, but when we're working on Sailor Moon, with the state of the rest of our schedule, it's more like don't even think about doing anything but work.

...Okay, so that's not all we did today. We still took a little time off to play Kingdom Hearts before dinner, and then we had adventures. We got it into our heads that maybe we could make pancakes (especially since we found a mix that doesn't require eggs). We love pancakes, but making them...is not one of our specialties. We're so afraid of making pancakes the real way that when we had to get food from the bishop's storehouse (that's basically the Church food bank; it's available to people of all faiths, but you have to go to the Mormons to get access), we got pancake mix, but we were like, "If you can grill it, you can bake it!" so we poured it into a square cake pan and baked it. We called it pancake.

But now! we have a special frying pan! It's like a hinged double frying pan, so when you need to flip something, you close the pan and turn the whole thing over! It's amazing!

...but we forgot to grease it before we got started. (We didn't entirely forget. We were just like, "It's nonstick, isn't it?" Not entirely.) So I closed the pan, flipped it over...and the pancake stayed on the first side...except for the uncooked batter, which dripped back onto the new side... It...was kind of a mess. So we got a spatula and tried again, faring only slightly better. But then we decided to cook them the normal way and use the spatula to flip them, and it worked out okay.

It was, as I said, an adventure. But as a result, we got to eat pancakes! Of course, pancakes from a mix that doesn't require eggs aren't exactly the best pancakes you've ever had, but they were good enough for us. Maybe when making them becomes less adventurous, we'll have the energy to use toppings. And then, when we're even more used to it, maybe then we'll venture into the world of eggs.

So we ate our pancakes and then got back to work. Ah, ha, ha! This volume is a roller coaster, because there are some parts where I'm like, "Hey, that dialogue sounds pretty good as it is!" and some parts where I'm like, "The edit is going to kill us." And we already have a different book due on August 6...aaahhh... And of course there's the book we were supposed to be working on today. Did I mention our deadline for this volume of Sailor Moon is technically Monday? (We already told our editor that we'd probably need more time.)

Today I'm thankful for reasonably successful adventures, getting to eat pancakes, getting to work on Sailor Moon, getting to listen to our new Sailor Moon S soundtrack, and getting the knack for flipping pancakes.