July 24th, 2018


Fire Force volume 10

Whew, we turned in so many translations today! Two simulpubs, and two full volumes of manga. Of course we had been working on the latter two before today. In fact, we started Nekogahara 5...a long time ago. I don't want to think about it anymore. That book broke our brains. But now we've finally turned it in, so we don't have to worry about it anymore! Unless our editor emails about something we need to fix! ...With that volume, I feel like the probability of that is higher.

Anyway, it's Reviewsday! And we have a review of Fire Force 10 to post! Spoilers ahead!

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Oh man, you guys, Fire Force is so good! You should totally all read it!!! Actually, we discovered that, according to the normal release schedule, volume fourteen should have been released in Japan last month, but they skipped a cycle, and we won't see it until next month! We're hoping that means they're working on an anime, but! we also found out that Atsushi Ohkubo went to France for Japan Expo, so it might have just been because of that. So we're hopeful but trying not to be too hopeful.

Anyway, this week features two releases of first volumes! Woohoo! The first is The Voynich Hotel, which...we probably should have been more careful about agreeing to translate. It's a funny series, but it has lots of stuff in it that we don't really like. Read about it when we finally post our review!

And the second is Fruits Basket Another!!! Wooohhooooooo!!!! It's the sequel to Fruits Basket, about all the Sohma's kids! Check it out, you guys! It's a lot of fun!

And tune in on Thursday, for our review of another volume one! Hatsu*Haru!! You guys, this series is so much fun. I can't wait to read our review!

Today I'm thankful for finishing so much work today, especially for finishing Nekogahara, the hope of less brain-intensive work for the next couple of days, Page resuming her spot under the desk, and dreams of there one day being a Fire Force anime.