July 22nd, 2018


Land of the Lustrous cosplay

We just have a few things left from Anime Expo to report on, so let's see if I have the brain capacity to remember them right now. (Soon after emerging from the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which is disorienting enough, we got a voicemail that sent us ranting about things.)

Let's see... We finally had our Amethyst costumes on and we were heading back to the convention. Our first stop was the Kodansha booth to buy one of those moon sticks. We had just missed the signing with Osano-san, but we figured that was okay, because we'd see him later at Kodansha's own Sailor Moon panel. I don't remember what happened anymore, but the point is we went to the Land of the Lustrous cosplay gathering. It was pretty cool--there were a lot of cosplayers there, but we were the only Amethyst. There were two Ventricosus cosplayers! Aaaaahh! That makes me happy. I wish there had been an Aculeatus... That would have been a nightmare in the heat, though. It was so hot, oh my goodness. I had forgotten to pack my camera in the bag we were carrying all our stuff in, so I was taking pictures with my iPad (why I brought my iPad and not my camera, I don't...oh right, my iPad had the AX app with the schedule), and it wasn't long before I was afraid that the heat from the iPad combined with the heat from the sun was going to burn my fingers.

I did want to say that there was a Kongo-sensei, and that made me happy, too. We also met up with Cecille there, so our cosplay group was finally together...but come to think of it, we never posed the three of us. Well, that was silly of us. Wait, Athena reminds me that yes we did! Sort of! We ran into another Diamond and a Euclase, which was especially exciting because all convention, I was like, "I want to see a Euclase!" Apparently we missed a really good Jade that came by the Kodansha booth. We did get a Ghost Quartz, though, and there was a Cairngorm at the gathering. ...And a bunch more Ghost Quartz's. And of course some Lapis Lazuli.

Anyway, it got to a point where the heat was killing us more than we wanted more pictures (I really feel for the people who decided to wear the fall uniforms...), so we retreated into the convention center to get some water. We ran into...I think it was a Phosphophyllite...who had the same idea.

And then it was time to go to the Kodansha panel. I don't think anything really noteworthy happened there--at least not anything that hasn't already been posted online. Oh! But there was an interesting thing that happened when a couple of people walked in late, and one of the panelists acknowledged them, and it was a name I recognized, so I looked...and it was Translator Guy!!! He's still alive! We haven't seen him at Anime Expo since we started coming back in 2014. (Okay, I think I might have glanced in at a panel where he was still interpreting in 2014, but I hadn't seen him since then.) But he and the other person left before the panel was over, so we didn't get to go say hi.

Also, they announced "Is Kichijoji the Only Place to Live?", which I only bring up because they asked us to translate that one, but it was for the digital side, so we had to turn it down, because we could tell right away that it would take extra research, and we just didn't have the time to do that on a book-a-month schedule. It really bummed us out though, because the main characters were twins and the subject matter was relevant to our interests. I think we're better off for it, though, considering how hard we've been working since we got back...and how hard we were working before the convention.

When the panel was over, we were exhausted, so we went back to the hotel for a break. We also decided to change clothes, because after one more panel, we were going to be riding the bus home. We had hoped to avoid this fate and looked into taking the Super Shuttle instead, but apparently it was too busy for us. On the bright side, we saved over a hundred dollars.

So we changed into the Attack on Titan t-shirts we'd gotten over the course of the weekend, we took a little time to relax, and then we got back on the shuttle one more time to go to the Sailor Moon Manga panel. This panel featured our editor, Naoko Takeuchi's editor, and the guy in charge of licensing Sailor Moon stuff...which I think means he's the guy to go to when, for example, you want to see about putting together some kind of live Sailor Moon show that can be performed all around the world.

...And thinking about it, this might take a little bit longer to report on than I'm willing to type right now (sleep calls to me...), so I'll be saving it for next time.

Today I'm thankful for getting to read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, getting to go to the Land of the Lustrous cosplay gathering, having our fancy new pan all ready for adventures in pancake making, learning that Translator Guy is still around, and making it to the second Sailor Moon panel on time.