July 19th, 2018


Waiting for Spring volume 6

Well, work didn't turn out to go super fast like we hoped, but it did go a little fast! We made it all the way to the dialect part in our edit, so we get to start the day off with the hard part tomorrow! Woohoo!

But now it's time for a review! Waiting for Spring 6! Spoilers ahead!

Collapse )

Awww, this series just gets better and better. And that was a fun review! Nice work, past us!

Well, tune in next Reviewsday (that's Tuesday) for our review of Fire Force 10! Yay, Fire Force!!! We saw exactly one Fire Force cosplayer at Anime Expo, and we took a picture and showed it to our editor, and we were all like, "Why isn't this series more popular?" Check it out, you guys! I know it's not Soul Eater, but it's not supposed to be! Not liking a series because it's not like the author's last series is like saying, "Well, gosh, I can't like you. You're nothing like your older sibling (except for the ways where you're totally lazily copying him/her)."

Today I'm thankful for a fun review of Waiting for Spring, making pretty good progress on Fire Force, having time to watch an episode of anime, Fire Force cosplayers, and being fairly certain that our feline visitor didn't mark anything as his territory this morning.