July 17th, 2018


My Brother the Shut-in volume 5

We are feeling much better today after working on Missions of Love. We decided to set Nekogahara aside for a little bit (we have time before our deadline), and since we had a chapter of a simulpub to work on, we decided to do a first draft of the next thing on our list that we could probably finish in the rest of the time we had. And we did! And both of them were very lighthearted and fun, and didn't involve complicated political commentary.

And on Thursday, I promised a review of My Brother the Shut-In, so here it is! Spoilers ahead!

Collapse )

And there you have it. I'm definitely less annoyed with the series now than when we were being so rushed to finish it, but I still just don't have the same values as these characters. Oh well, it's a fun read, anyway.

There were new releases this week! What were they again!? Land of the Lustrous 6! And Wake Up Sleeping Beauty 5! And Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight 6! All very good series!

And tune in Thursday, for our review of Waiting for Spring 6!

Today I'm thankful for a video call with our sister and niece and nephews, getting to work on a fun simulpub, finally getting another installment of Missions of Love, the super yummy pizza we had for dinner, and having our release list up-to-date again.