July 12th, 2018


Forbidden Scrollery volume 3

Well, our workdays continue unabated. Tonight we were faced with the option of doing a last read-through or watching an episode of anime. We chose the former, and it's nice to have the translation turned in, but I think we could have used the break. Oh well.

As promised, we will now post our review of Forbidden Scrollery 3! Spoilers ahead!

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Incidentally, the translation we just turned in was volume six of this series! It's still episodic, but it does gradually seem to be moving toward a point. It's a cute series.

I think we're going to keep going with Tuesdays and Thursdays for a while on this review thing, so tune in next Tuesday for our review of My Brother the Shut-In 5!

Today I'm thankful for finishing our translation, Page continuing to be super cute under our desk, getting some manga in the mail (one of our editors always sends it with a cute little post-it note, and this time it also came with candy! (it might have come with candy last time, too; we haven't opened that one yet because we already knew what was in it)), having such great editors, and having a YumeTwins box so we can at least have a little bit of non-work fun before going to bed.