July 11th, 2018


This will be the slowest AX report ever.

I do like our job, but things are looking bleak. It's really just because we spent all day on a first draft of Nekogahara, and the thought of doing the edit is terrifying. And we can't just slow down and take our time on it because we still have sooooo many deadlines. But Athena did allow for two days when calculating how long we're likely to take on everything, so that's something. And we're editing Forbidden Scrollery tomorrow anyway. I'm just so tired of working all day every day. But maybe that's not a fair assessment, since we did have time to watch an episode of anime today.

Anyway, I still have Anime Expo reporting! I really shouldn't spend too much time on it, though, because we need to go to bed. But I can make a little progress on the report.

Our main goal was to get into the dealers' hall ASAP so we could meet up with our Kodansha connections. Since they listed the Seven Deadly Sins panel (featuring our beloved favorite voice actor) as one of the things they were doing on their very own website, we figured we should be able to use some sort of connections. Fortunately(?), sleeping in an unfamiliar place makes it easy to wake up at approximately dawn, so that's when we got up and started getting ready for the day. We pulled on our Kingdom Hearts Donald and Goofy costumes and were out the door.

...Then it took forever for us to figure out the best place to get into the convention center. There's a priority entrance for industry members, but in order to get around the security lines for the regular attendees, we had to walk so far (they were long lines; this is a common thing at the opening of any event, including a day at Disneyland) that we figured we were practically on the other side of the convention center and we figured we might as well look for another priority entrance. We failed to find one and ended up walking aaaaaall the way back to the other side of the ginormous convention center to use the one we already knew about. Of course, the dealers' hall was on the other side again, so basically we walked the length of the convention center three times to get to the Kodansha booth.

But we finally made it, and the first thing we did was locate our friend, say hi, and ask him who we had to kill to get front row seats to the Seven Deadly Sins panel. He looked stunned, like, "Why would you even think that?" and said, "No one! You can just have them!" I'm just going to go ahead and spoil this and say it didn't quite work out. He told us who the Kodansha person involved with the panel was, but she's not someone we'd been introduced to, so we never figured out who to contact or how to say, "Hey, we're with Kodansha, mind if we just sit?" (We did get into the panel, though, never fear! But more on that later.)

We determined that our editor on all the things was not on her shift yet, so we decided to go in search of ocarinas. One of our biggest regrets last year was that there was a booth selling ocarina grab bags, and we didn't buy one. So this time we were determined! We were also keeping an eye out for the Yen Press booth, but we were bad at finding it. We were less bad at finding ocarinas, however. That sound carried fairly well, even in crowded convention exhibit halls.

First we found the booth that had the Legend of Zelda necklaces. It wasn't the one with grab bags, so we kept searching in case the other one was around. It was! Only this year, they'd upgraded the grab bags to treasure boxes! Woohoo! This is even better! We got there pretty early, so they had most of their stock, too, which meant we had the opportunity to weigh the boxes and see if we could find a heavier one (meaning it might have three ocarinas instead of two!). We learned that we are not necessarily the best at gauging weight. We got two ocarinas, but! they're pretty good ones. One of them is a simple plastic one, but that's actually perfect, because now Athena can take it around and practice it anywhere without worrying about dropping it and smashing it. And the other one, as I'm sure is the case in most if not all of the boxes, was shaped like a rupee from the Legend of Zelda series. It was just a green one, which she could have gotten by cutting the grass, but it's a pretty color, so we're okay with it.

We asked information where the Yen Press booth was, but when we found it, there was no one we recognized, so we went off to the Sentai Filmworks panel. To be continued...

Today I'm thankful for ocarina treasure boxes, eventually learning how to navigate the Anime Expo crowds, Donald and Goofy day being very much not the hottest day of the convention, our friends in the manga publishing world, and having time to watch anime today.