July 9th, 2018


We have returned.

We are back from Anime Expo and reasonably well recovered! I was intending to start the report today, but we ended up working just a little too long. It's necessary, though, because now that we've finished this one volume of Hatsu*Haru, our work list has six books on it that need to be finished before the month is out. And one of those books is a volume of Sailor Moon. Fortunately, we already warned our editor that we might need more time. Also fortunately, at least one of the books on the list is likely to be very short work.

Maybe I can report a little bit about Anime Expo. We left on Wednesday, walked all the way to the bus stop, and hopped on the bus for Los Angeles. We met up with Cecille at the Westin, dropped off all our stuff in our hotel room, and headed off to get our badges. The shuttle routes had been altered this year, making the walk from the shuttle to the actual convention annoyingly long, but it worked out for us, because the shuttle let us out right by the JW Marriott, which was where the one panel we were determined to line up early for would be held later.

It was day zero, and we're industry, so we got our badges with very little waiting, then we joined back up with Cecille and headed over to the Name That Anime Tune panel. Panels on day zero are a thing now.

Cecille almost likes anime music better than anime itself, so when the guys running the panel started asking for volunteers to play, she started hopping up and down with her hand in the air and Athena and I pointed very dramatically at her, so she did get a turn...and she won! Tadah! There wasn't really anything very dramatic about it, though. Frankly, I think she lucked out a little because one of the categories chosen was '90s anime songs, and those are the ones she's most thoroughly embedded into her brain. Not that I would have done any better. I barely remember all the anime songs I like.

After the panel, we walked with Cecille to the premier lounge so she could pick up the super special swag bag for people who were willing to shell out the big bucks for premier badges. She got a hat and a lunchbox...and a poster? I don't remember. We were all underwhelmed.

We picked up some not-so-great chicken tenders so as not to starve ourselves, and then we headed back to the hotel, where we stayed up until two in the morning with Cecille and her two friend talking about Sailor Moon.

Today I'm thankful for making it safely to Anime Expo, getting to have in-depth conversations about Sailor Moon, Cecille winning the anime music game (she got a Blu-ray of Your Name.), convenient shuttle stops, and the delicious Pizza Hut pizza we had for dinner.