July 4th, 2018


Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight volume 5

It's almost time to leave for Anime Expo, but we can't go without posting a review first! So here it is, our review of Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight 5! Spoilers ahead.

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Aww, what a nice series. This week we once again have no new releases, but that's okay, because our backlog is huge, and there are going to be more releases later this month. Anyway, that being the case, I think we might start doubling up on these reviews. It may be a little much to read two on the same day, so maybe we'll do a Reviewsday and a Review Rednesday, or maybe a Revursday. At any rate, join us next Tuesday for our review of Wake Up Sleeping Beauty 4! And soon after that (day to be determined) we will review Forbidden Scrollery 3!

Today I'm thankful for being just about ready to go to Anime Expo, being all caught up on writing reviews again, having emergency candy rations to help us keep our blood sugar up (I mean, obviously we're planning to feed ourselves, but what with all the wandering around conventioning, it's hard to do it properly), the potential for super exciting things to happen, and the fact that I think we have enough room to pack all the stuff we'll need.