June 28th, 2018

kid flash

Easily distract--oooh, shiny!

Has everyone read Edens Zero yet? It was really fun to translate, so I hope it's really fun to read, too!

As for us...we got our work done early today! We even made it past our quota! This is the best day! We still have to finish the book, but we should be able to meet our tomorrow deadline without too much trouble. Unless, of course, I've now jinxed it and we're doomed to run into a research nightmare. But we just had one of those with Fire Force, so I'm hoping we'll be okay. ...But then I remember kirimitan... Hmmm...

We still didn't get a lot of leisure time, though, because! we wrote a review! And then! we took a survey! And it was the kind of survey that wanted thoughtful answers, so it took a while.

And we're kind of all over the place. In the middle of writing this, we hopped on over to Crunchyroll to see what people were saying about Edens Zero, and they like it! Yay! There was even a comment about how our translation was the most coherent!

I'm having a hard time focusing. But anyway, today's been a good day. I'm thankful for people liking Edens Zero, meeting our work quota, learning that our nephew is trying out some Pokemon manga, people caring about my opinion (re: the survey we took), and the really cute picture of Chip and Dale on our June calendar.