June 23rd, 2018



Today was a day of relaxation. But first, we tried on our costumes for Anime Expo, because we needed to make sure everything worked. It didn't, but I think we came up with a solution, and it's a good thing we found out about it in time to order stuff online.

Then we mostly played Kingdom Hearts Union Cross. Like oh my goodness, we played it practically all afternoon. It's such a mindless game, too! But with all the brainwork we do all day every day, we think it's important to play mindless games for a while every so often.

Finally, we had about an hour and a half, which unfortunately was not long enough to watch either of the unwatched stage play DVDs (they're all three almost two and a half hours long!), so instead we spent half an hour browsing through Hulu's anime selection, and then ended up watching the first two episodes of Darling in the Franxx. The two Xes make us want to pronounce it franks-ks. My first comment on it is, "That show is weird," but frankly (ha ha), it's really not any weirder than anything else from Trigger. In fact, on the Trigger weirdness scale, it's pretty far down on the list. At least as of two episodes in. So far I don't really like any of the characters that much, but the story is intriguing enough to keep me going. And I don't hate the characters. I'm just mostly apathetic about them so far.

Mostly we're just getting excited about Anime Expo. We exhausted all of the things we have to say to each other about it about two days ago, so it's going to be a long week and a half, waiting and daydreaming and being impatient for it all to happen. Then the thought crosses my mind that the anticipation is half the fun, and that thought is kind of depressing to me, because if looking forward to an event is more fun than the actual event, then what is even the point in life? So here's hoping the actual event is at least as fun as the anticipation!

Today I'm thankful for getting to play lots of Kingdom Hearts, getting all the Spirit parts for this month (except for the accessory, but the important thing is getting all the body parts (and that sounds like it could potentially be very wrong...)), getting to watch some anime, Page sitting on my lap most of the time, and knowing where all of our stage play DVDs are so we can watch them when we finally have the time.