June 22nd, 2018


Working late again

Well, we just finished another day of overworking ourselves. I think it was my fault this time. I insisted on chatting online with colleagues instead of focusing on work. Fortunately, work was mostly easy today. Unfortunately, it's the only thing on my mind...even though we distracted ourselves from it. But then we realized the distractions were slowing us down too much, so we walked away from them.

Anyway, Hanako-kun continues to be a fun series. I...can't really say much more than that. Partly because I'm not sure I remember what happened. I kind of agree with Sherlock Holmes when he says that your brain can only hold so much information. My theory is a little different, though, because I think it's possible for your brain to store all of your memories, but then they get filed away somewhere deep in your psyche. So my version is more like "it's only possible to hold so much information in the part of your brain that helps you recall it immediately." Other information gets filed somewhere else, where you can get to it with a little work, or where it becomes almost impossible to find again.

But anyway, we're making steady progress and there's still hope of meeting all our pre-AX deadlines! But we did forget to email our editor about the book we're missing. We'll have to do that on Monday.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work, getting to chat with colleagues, the nice cool breeze coming in through the window, it being almost time to sleep, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.