April 25th, 2018


Forbidden Scrollery volume 2

Our week continues to be full of not doing the things we were planning to be doing, by no fault of our own. On the bright side, I think we're making traction with Sailor Moon so it isn't going quite so slow. But we did have a deadline get pushed up, so we'll be changing gears tomorrow. In the meantime, it's Review Rednesday! So have a review of Forbidden Scrollery volume two! Spoilers ahead!

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Incidentally, we translate this series so infrequently that I still have a hard time thinking of it as a real thing. It is pretty cute, though. I hate to admit that the last couple of times we translated it, we were so swamped that I was mostly just annoyed at it for taking more time, but in retrospect, it really is a cute series.

This week features just one new release: My Brother the Shut-In volume four! Wow, that series is just racing along now, isn't it? It almost makes sense that we had to translate it so fast. But I still don't like having to do that. We blame piracy. If the pirates weren't so quick to steal manga, the publishers wouldn't feel so pressured to get everything released so fast.

Wait! Our sources tell us that there's another release today! Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun volume five! I do not know why news of this series never gets out, but this info is straight from Yen Press's official website, so it should be legit! Everybody check this series out so all the news sites can remember it exists!

Anyway, tune in next week for our review of Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight volume four!

Today I'm thankful for having some idea of what's going on, making comparatively good progress on Sailor Moon, being all caught up on Devils' Line (preview for the next volume has us thinking maaaaybe we're just not that interested in going on, but it was interesting enough while it lasted), the lovely Rapunzel bath set we got in our nmnl box, and having a T-rex in Love Nikki.