April 23rd, 2018


Expect the unexpected

Today was...not what we planned. We had been given notice about two weeks ago that this month's chapter of a simulpub would hit, and our editor was very sorry but we were going to have to get it done in just a day. As if we hadn't been getting the chapters finished within a day of getting them for the last several months. So we were planning to spend today translating a chapter of this simulpub, and then working on Sailor Moon if we happened to have extra time.

So we checked our email this morning...and there was no sign of this chapter. Ooookay. This was only mildly annoying, because we have two other things that are going to take up a ton of time this week, and we didn't have materials for either of those, either. But we made the most of it and got back to work on Sailor Moon. Then we remembered we had another extra thing to do, so we did that, and it was slightly soul crushing, but we did it anyway, and now we just have to check it for typos before turning it in.

We got back to Sailor Moon for the rest of the afternoon, and then after dinner there was still no word about this simulpub, and since it did seem so important that we get it done quickly (important enough that we got an email about it two weeks ago), we figured we should probably send an email to find out what was up. We said something like, "Are we going to get this chapter, or what?" (I imagine we were more polite than that, but I don't want to pull up the email to check). We got an email back from the letterer saying, "Uh, you did get it, remember?" And we were like, "Clearly, we did not, because if we did, we would be sending you a translation and not a confused email." Fortunately, she forwarded us the email with the info we needed before we replied with that exact message, and then we got to work.

Also fortunately, the chapter was relatively easy this month, so it only took us a couple of hours to finish it, and now we're only up half an hour late, instead of the hour or two or three that we had to brace ourselves for. And now we're going to bed, and we're going to sleep in tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting the materials we needed, that chapter being relatively easy, getting our CD Japan order (without our materials, we were sorely tempted to blow everything off and spend all day watching Japanese stage plays based on anime and video games), getting to make some progress on Sailor Moon, and getting the soul-crushing extra things done.