April 18th, 2018


Land of the Lustrous volume 5

Today we finally achieved our lifelong dream of getting to work on Sailor Moon Eternal Edition 4! Woohooooooooo!!! ...It's a difficult series. This is going to be very time consuming. I hope we have enough time to finish it, because next week is going to be super intense. But in the meantime, it's Review Rednesday! And this week we have Land of the Lustrous, which is great because we love it, but bad because it reminds us that oh yeah, there's another series we need to somehow miraculously fit into our schedule in the near future. What were we doing watching A Series of Unfortunate Events!? Sigh. We still have two episodes of the latest season left, but we'll probably be on less of a cliffhanger if we choose not to watch them. Hmmm.

Oh well. Despite our mountains of work, we refuse to abandon Review Rednesdays, so without any further ado, here is Land of the Lustrous 5!

Collapse )

Aww, what a great series. I want to work on volume eight now. Someday... *wistful*

Anyway, this weeks releases include...nothing! Mwa ha ha ha ha! (<--meaning unknown) But tune in next week, for our review of Forbidden Scrollery volume two!

Today I'm thankful for finally getting back to work on Sailor Moon, special deals at Pizza Hut, getting to go outside (to get the mail), getting to take a minute to remember Land of the Lustrous, and getting to listen to some great Sailor Moon CDs.