April 5th, 2018


Not-so-best-laid plans

Today was a day that made us really regret eating our morale pizza yesterday. We already had the one thing that was taking longer than we planned, and then we had another thing that had to be done today, so we were just like, "Ugh, I'm so done with this." Only we weren't, because it still has to be done, and our dearest wish in life right now is to get to a point where we can just put everything aside and work on Sailor Moon, and the only way to get that to happen is to get the other work done. And we had to do laundry, which didn't help.

As for Sailor Moon, oh my gosh, you guys, our original plan was to finish the one thing (the aforementioned taking-longer-than-planned thing) on Monday, then have the rest of the week to work on Sailor Moon (she said in an airy, sing-song voice). Well, first we had UQ Holder! come along, but that was okay, because we like UQ Holder! and this was a cute chapter. There was the one chapter I didn't really like where they were pretending to do the whole Speed thing with the bomb that goes off if the train slows down--I thought it was a little silly. And the sad thing about that is that it probably wouldn't have existed if Ken Akamatsu wasn't adding a "let's let Gengoro be awesome" story arc just because they cast our beloved favorite voice actor as that character (he said so on Twitter). Well, it all worked out because Gengoro was just that awesome that he even made the over-the-top story make sense, but I digress.

The point is, here we are at the end of Thursday having not worked on Sailor Moon at all. Sad face.

To be fair, we could have worked on Sailor Moon today (for about an hour and a half). But we looked at our schedule and checked what all's going on at Disneyland and realized that there's a good chance we're going to need to work on the stuff with official deadlines first (due to chronology and the inevitable loss of time from a Disneyland trip). And even though we probably would have had time to finish them without working too much overtime, we do want to get to Sailor Moon at some point, so we decided to get ahead. So we worked on Hanako-kun instead, which was fun and much easier on the brain than the thing we were working on before. But my brain feels kind of strained right now anyway, so I'm worried about the whole stress and sleep thing I've been having. Well, we'll find out how that goes tonight, and then we'll take the weekend off.

Today I'm thankful for finally finishing that ridiculously time-consuming thing, getting to work on Hanako-kun, thoughts of stopping at Cold Stone's at some point to see about some strawberry and peanut butter ice cream, having clean laundry, and having a morale pizza for tomorrow.