March 24th, 2018


Too tired for clever titles

We have successfully worn ourselves out once again. It actually wasn't so bad, because when we went to Universal Studios, Alice's family shared their rations with us, and we discovered that the Three Broomsticks has a kid's menu with some chick tenders that most people may not like, but we think they're pretty good, and it means we can eat at the Three Broomsticks with everybody else and not have to worry about running all over the park to make sure we get enough to eat.

Our trip was largely uneventful. It was nice; we saw the shows and went on the Harry Potter rides. We also went on the Mummy ride this time, because I was like, "Hey, let's do something that's not a simulator!" But sadly, the ride continues to have a bad attitude. I mean, obviously it does; it's not like they're going to do a complete overhaul on the thing. But the bad attitude continues to be mildly annoying, as does the fact that the scary guy comes along and says, "Your souls belong to me!", and then you do a scary roller coaster thingie, and then it's just over with no indication of how you still have your souls. I guess that's supposed to be indicated by the fact that you survived? Athena suggests that, by going backwards (you go along the track for a while, and then you go backwards), you go back in time to before the scary guy said he took your souls. I guess there's also the explanation that the scary guy had no authority by which to take our souls, and so his claim was utterly void. Anyway, it's a bad attitude.

Speaking of rides with shaky premises, as we went through the line to the hilariously title Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, Gaston asked the very relevant question (referring to the fact that we were all going to sit in on a history class, but Harry & Co. were going to sneak us out of it to take us to a Quidditch game), "Why would there be a class going on at the same time as a Quidditch game?" The only answer I could come up with was that the class was specifically for the visiting Muggles, but that of course raises the question of why, if they were going to show us the magical world anyway, they would take us to a boring history class instead of an exciting Quidditch match. ...And Athena just reminded me that it was supposed to be a defense against the dark arts class, which would be a very helpful thing for Muggles, but it still doesn't explain why they wouldn't also want to show us a Quidditch game. ...Maybe the Quidditch game was going on to keep all the nosy students away while there were Muggles in the castle. That explanation might almost work, but you'd think they'd wait to start this Muggle visiting thing until they had someone they were reasonably sure would stick around as the defense against the dark arts teacher. Sigh.

Anyway, we were a little bit disappointed, because there was a big thing we were looking forward to, and it's pretty much the main reason we took the sorting quiz at Pottermore. When we went in December, there were these really cool bedazzled t-shirts that we wanted, but as you can imagine, bedazzled t-shirts from a theme park are not cheap, and we couldn't just buy one for each of the Hogwarts houses. We had to decide which house we wanted...although, I suppose maybe we could have bought just one for each house, but that would still be twice as expensive as buying a shirt for each of us. But we'd still have to each pick a house. Anyway, we got sorted and we were ready to buy us some bedazzled Ravenclaw shirts!

...But they didn't have them anymore! Arrrrrgh! So that was a little sad. We've since done some research and discovered that hope is not entirely lost. We might be able to get them after all, but now we have to rethink it, because that's just how it goes with us and these things. And we also got some Hogwarts stationery and a Ravenclaw seal and sealing wax, so that's fun.

Gaston and Alice stayed the night, and then they came to our ward Easter breakfast (because actual Easter weekend is General Conference) and helped us with our job of hiding Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt. That was fun, too, and Gaston especially was coming up with good places. But then when we actually set the kids loose to look for them, their parents and other grownups came along and were pointing to all of the eggs! It's like, "Look, grownups, I know you're proud of yourselves for easily accomplishing goals set for children ages three through twelve, but maybe let the kids do something for themselves?" Oh well. We had fun anyway.

Today I'm thankful for having a fun time at Universal Studios with friends and their family, getting to see the Water World show despite complicated planning issues, having some cool stationery and sealing wax stuff (the quill with ink was tempting, too, but that one we had a much harder time justifying, because we may have time for letter writing, but not for calligraphy), having a good time at the Easter breakfast, and the kids menu at the Three Broomsticks.