February 27th, 2018


Initiating plans (sort of)

Well, we're back to working until bedtime. But we didn't work all day! We took a break to go to Target, and get some Joe's Italian Ice. It was a nice diversion.

In the meantime, we were finally going to take the plunge and apply to do a panel at Anime Expo, but the application asked us how many people we expected to attend the thing. We have approximately no idea. I mean, on the one hand, we have grand delusions that there are lots of manga fans who are very curious about what goes into translating and there would be people waiting in the standby line because so many people wanted to attend, and some of the attendees would even be fans of us specifically! But on the other hand, we also have to be prepared for the eventuality that only a handful of people will show up. I mean, I was even prepared for no one to show up.

But! in an attempt to get some idea of what we should say on the application, we turned to Facebook and asked, and there were some people who said they would definitely be attending! So we know the headcount will at least be more than zero. Really, what the convention wants to know (I'm guessing) is what size room they should reserve for us. And I kind of have an idea of what size room to ask for, but I'm terrible at guessing room capacity, so I don't know what that translates into as far as estimated attendance. But we're getting an idea of what to put on the application, anyway.

We also tried going to Twitter, which turned out to also be useless. But it did result in us checking our Twitter account, and seeing some mentions of us, and one in particular that complimented our translation of Land of the Lustrous. This was especially nice to see, because Land of the Lustrous is the series where the Amazon reviews were like, "Ugh, it makes no sense and the dialogue is terrible." So it had us questioning ourselves just a little. Not our ability so much (although we have been questioning that a little lately, but we're chalking the perceived incompetence up to fatigue), but maybe our taste? Like, "I don't see what problem you guys have--this translation is awesome." I mean, we try not to turn in translations that we don't think are awesome, but by the time a book comes out, we don't know what we've written anymore, but we're still like, "I'm pretty sure we wouldn't have turned in a translation we couldn't at least sort of approve of..." Anyway. The point is, somebody liked our Land of the Lustrous translation, and we appreciate it.

Today I'm thankful for a lovely diversion, getting to spend time with a friend who patiently let us babble on about Harry Potter despite having no familiarity with it herself, finishing a little more work than initially looked possible, the Secret Mission song on Galavant, and finding out that there are people out there who enjoy our Land of the Lustrous translations.