February 22nd, 2018


Back at the "office"

Today was another experiment in the Disneyland Office department. I'd say it went pretty well, but it was cold! We started out well enough, in an indoor seating area, but then we decided to try new places, which would have been fine if we had been smart enough to not stay outside for soooo long. We were like popsicles by the time we finished. We also had the option of stopping sooner, but then we had some momentum going, and we were like, "We're so close."

I'm not sure that paragraph is coherent, but we're a little extra tired...or I guess we're a little regular tired, because, you know, we're always tired.

Anyway, I wanted to mention the funnel cake. Funnel cake is always a bad idea. Always. There was a time when we would be like, "Ooohh, funnel cake! That sounds great! We should totally get some!" and we would, and it would inevitably make us sick, and we would be like, "That made me sick, but it was probably just because of this extenuating circumstance and not because there's anything inherently wrong with funnel cake." And we just kept doing it until finally we realized that no, it's totally just the funnel cake. Athena thinks there must have been one time in the past when the funnel cake did not make us sick, which is probably what made us keep trying, and she may be right.

In that case, the theory is now that if there ever comes a time in our lives when we're actually well rested, then maybe the funnel cake will not make us sick. On the other hand, the whipped cream tasted like chemicals, and the grease tasted like grease, and I'm pretty sure that will never change. I mean, the whipped cream thing might change if we get funnel cake from some place that's not just trying to make a quick buck, but the grease thing probably won't.

Anyway. As you can probably tell from all the buildup, we got a funnel cake today. On a recent previous visit to Disneyland we heard someone mention something about a milk and honey funnel cake, where by "milk," they mean "condensed milk," which sounds pretty amazing in and of itself, but then you add the honey, and we're like, "Oh my goodness, we have to try that!"

So we did. And because we were prepared for the fact that funnel cake is always a bad idea, we did manage to avoid serious tummy discomfort. (In case anyone was worried, we don't mean that funnel cake brings on serious ailments; it's just like when you eat too much ice cream and you feel yucky.) The presentation of the funnel cake was great. It was a regular funnel cake with giant gobs of whipped cream forming a Mickey, and each of the gobs had a flower on it. The cast member who took our order told us that the flowers were edible, but they weren't candied or anything, they were just straight flowers, but knowing our palates, and having seen the edible weeds episode of Mitsuboshi Colors, we opted to treat them as decorations. And the funnel cake sat in a layer of honey and condensed milk, which, frankly, is really all I wanted. The cake was a decent vehicle for the honey/milk syrup, but we're learning more and more that we are just not fans of fried batter. (We think we might break Gaston's heart if we tell him no, we really would rather not get more beignets. (I mean, not that we hate beignets or anything, just that we're tired of always getting more than we can eat, and we'd rather get Italian ice.))

The point is. If we can, we want to see if we can order some french fries with the milk and honey topping. That sounds delicious.

Also, we went and said hi to Farley, and since he knows we're into the obscure Disney movies, he played a song to see if we could identify what movie they sing it in. And we could not! So needless to say we have now ordered that movie from the Disney Movie Club. Maybe someday we'll have time to watch it.

Today I'm thankful for another successful Disneyland Office trip (and we worked on Fire Force! which isn't (always) super easy, so we know we can do regular titles and not just super easy ones like Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight), getting motivation to see a Disney movie that we've been interested in for a while, the brilliant idea of milk and honey topping, getting to try one of the four pizza places between our place and Disneyland, and being home with our nice warm blankets.