February 10th, 2018


The intensest of intense weeks

I feel like this week has been the most intense of intense weeks. When eating some pizza last night, it had an adverse affect on the pressure on my teeth from my braces, so my jaw felt very tired, and it wouldn't go away. And I haven't been sleeping so well lately, which didn't really help with the restoring homeostasis thing, and we had to go grocery shopping, and with the sensitive teeth and the adrenaline charging through my system, I wasn't very hungry, so I wasn't eating enough to fuel all my activity, so I've been a little lightheaded all day. Athena's not in quite so bad a situation, but we're thinking the accumulated stress from the weeks and weeks of almost nonstop work can't be so healthy for her, either. And so we were very relieved to finish our work quota today.

I mean, ideally we wouldn't have had to work at all today, but you all know by now that that's not how our workload rolls. We have made mental notes to turn down certain types of work offers in the future unless we have a lot less work. But those notes won't help us until after we've made it through this crunch. On the bright side, we had a lot of interesting extras to translate.

The sad thing is, we found out about a miniature sci-fi convention in town that was today, but we couldn't go to it because we had to work. I mean, we could have not worked today, but that would have made things worse next week. It's always hard figuring out the balance. Do I work harder now so things will be easier next week, or do I get rest now so I don't die and can work more effectively going forward? I don't know. But our deadline for today's work is Monday, so...I guess we could have finished it on Monday, but we're not sure if the deadline is for the end of the day, or for noon. And, as usual, we have other things we need to get done next week, too. And! since Gaston and Alice never showed up this week, they will definitely be coming next week! (We kind of figured that would be the case, since we Googled local hockey tournaments, and there weren't any this weekend, but there's more than one next weekend. We were grateful, because it meant we didn't have to push back any deadlines (which always causes a bit of a domino effect).)

Anyway. I should stop typing because boy oh boy do we need sleep. Today I'm thankful for finishing our work, being all caught up writing reviews, our friend inviting us to the Art Crawl tonight (we had to turn that down, too, but we appreciate the invitation!), the laundry room not being crowded today, and Haagen Dazs ice cream being on sale.