February 7th, 2018


Say I Love You volume 18

I can hardly believe it's that time already! Time flies when you fill it with work work work! It's Review Rednesday! And this week, we present the eighteenth and final volume of Say I Love You!

Collapse )

And there you have it. I really do think it was a good series, even if I didn't always like it. But just because I don't like something doesn't mean it's bad! And I hope everyone who did read it all the way through enjoyed it!

This week's releases include...nothing! Again! Seriously, whyyyyyyy are we working so hard all the darn time when nothing we translate is getting released!? But that's okay! Because if all the stuff we translate got released at the same rate, our Review Rednesday backlog would be enormous. But then maybe we could post reviews TWICE a week! I don't know; I'm sure we'd figure it out. Anyway, we still have work to do, so I should stop rambling.

Tune in next week for our review of Land of the Lustrous 4! That should get us right about to where the anime left off, so now you'll have to rely on our translations if you want to get more! Or you could read scanslations, or read it in Japanese. Or in French or Spanish or Korean or something. I don't know if it's actually available in those languages, but the point is we're not the only source for more Land of the Lustrous. Of course, we like to think we're the best source, but at any rate, our one request would be to please not pirate it.

Today I'm thankful for the opportunity to work on a sensitive series like Say I Love You, Mitsuboshi Colors being light on the wordplay this week (sorry if that's what you watch it for), being pretty much on schedule for this current week of potential doom (we still don't know whether or not it will be interrupted by a non-working Disneyland trip), Page apparently feeling better, and having a YumeTwins box to open whenever we feel like we've earned it.