February 6th, 2018



I felt like I had something to talk about maybe for a little today, but I forgot what it was. Athena reminds me that we finally had the third of our Kinder Eggs that Gaston bought for us in Europe *coughayearagocough*, I think before they finally got the okay to sell them here in the States. The reason we kept putting it off is that our nephew had found the videos on YouTube that are surely what eventually got them legalized, and was obsessed with them, so now that we had contraband, we figured we might as well record videos of ourselves opening them for our nephew's benefit. And we were way too lazy to do that, so we just put off eating the eggs.

Today we figured that, since you can just buy Kinder Eggs at the grocery store now, there was no point in making videos anymore and we could just eat them. I got a finger skateboard, and Athena got a super adorable butterfly finger puppet. I kind of want to learn to do tricks on the finger skateboard, but I have so many neglected ambitions, this is likely to be neglected as well.

And Athena just remembered the other thing I wanted to talk about! It, too, is brief. We read the ANN review for the latest episode of Mitsuboshi Colors, and it mentioned how weird it was that they read this sad elephant story and it made them want to go to the zoo. First of all, oh my goodness, that story was so sad. We were like, "Why in the world is this a children's story!? Who would write a story like that!? What kind of a sicko...?" But we looked it up and were like, "Oh, true story... Well, now it makes sense, because it's history." But also makes it THAT MUCH SADDER!!!

But the reason it inspires them to go to the zoo, and probably the reason they're that much more likely to have a book with that story lying around in their headquarters at Ueno Park is that the story is about the Ueno Zoo (which is also at Ueno Park). So now that they've read about the cruel treatment the elephants got at the zoo, they wanted to make sure that wasn't still the case.

Another fun fact! If you've seen the episode, you may remember the part where Kotoha points out a human being and they say they didn't know they had humans on display at the zoo. Yui was like, "That's just a walkway..." But! it is also a fact that there was once a human on display at the Ueno Zoo. He was a prisoner of war during World War II. ...It sounds like the Ueno Zoo was a scene of amazing cruelty during the war. War is so stupid. On the other hand, maybe it's not so much more cruel to keep a human at a zoo than any other animal. But he was naked (well, so were the other animals, but most other animals are nudists), and I'm guessing they didn't treat him as well as animals in zoos can be treated today.

Today I'm thankful for new toys from our Kinder Eggs, finishing our work quota, the yummy Reesesticks we had for a snack, getting to play a little bit of Omnia Opera today, and no cats being in trouble as far as we know (Boots was meowing like crazy, so we went out to see if he was trying to get our attention to lead us somewhere to help a friend, but he just ran into the patio and started eating).