February 5th, 2018


A ray of hope

The good news is, we finished our work quota ahead of schedule today! This means we had time to get a head start on another one of the million projects we have due in the next week-ish. The bad news is, we started one of those projects, and it didn't go as fast as we'd like. It might have gone fast enough to not be a problem, though. We just really don't know how much time we'll have or need for anything these days. It's such a jumbled mess.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota ahead of schedule (we might still want to do a final read-through on it, but since that and the next thing are due on the same day, we got it done early and therefore have time), learning that when you watch the Seven Deadly Sins OVA soon enough after the first season to remember what actually happened you understand the significance of certain things better (duh), Page letting me have my chair, getting some sun today (when we went to get the mail), and hope that we might not be crushed this week.