January 30th, 2018



Our third attempt at Operation: Disneyland Office was a success! Tadah! And a good thing, too, because our schedule is way too packed for us to end up wasting all our time on frivolities. So, since we got some work done, we only wasted some of our time on frivolities, like criticizing going on the Little Mermaid ride twice, going on Silly Symphony Swings and Goofy's Sky School, and, when we were done, heading over the Disneyland to say hi to Farley, and staying to talk to the nearby pin-trading cast member until Farley came back for his next set. We had a good time, though.

So what happened was, we looked at our schedule and realized that there was only one thing that would give us an opportunity to experiment with a Disneyland office for at least two weeks, possibly longer. But we were feeling tired and rushed, so we seriously considered staying home anyway until we could get things under control. Two things convinced us otherwise: first, the realization that if we didn't consistently try, this thing would never get off the ground, and we kind of need it to, because we need the exercise and we've been prone to cabin fever. And second, the Lunar New Year celebration is going on at California Adventure, and we wanted to go buy t-shirts for the Year of the Dog, because that's our year. Add to that that the high wind advisory ended last night, and we figured, you know what, now's our chance.

So we headed over to California Adventure this morning and made our way to the Lunar New Year festivities area. Those hadn't started yet, but that's okay, because it meant there were very few people around, which is probably part of why there was a hawk in one of the trees by the Corn Dog Palace (I think that's what it's called, but I don't pay attention to corn dogs). It was so close, I felt like I could get to it and touch it. And it was so cute! We think it was an adolescent, because it kept shaking its tail (also adorable), which still had a lot of down attached to it. And so we decided to set up shop at one of the tables there so we could hang out with our hawk buddy.

...But then we saw that there was no line to Goofy's Sky School, so we walked onto that and then we set up shop by where the hawk had been. Sadly, it flew away while we were on the ride. Oh well, at least we got to see it at all.

After about an hour, the Lunar New Year festivities began, so we took a break. First, we went to the stage area where the GuGu Drum Group was doing a drum performance. It was really cool, with drum routines that were designed to tell stories and conjure certain images, like walnuts falling onto rooftops. And the way the drummers twirled the drumsticks was really impressive.

After that, we headed back to the main area to watch Mulan's Lunar New Year Procession, or whatever they called it. It was pretty much the same as past years, but instead of having a bunch of guys come on and do martial arts during the one part, they had a bunch of girls dressed in warrior style clothing doing a more martial type dance (than the regular dancing). This was a bummer to us, because we like to see hot guys doing martial arts. Oh well. Oh! and the biggest change was that Goofy was a big part of it, because it's the Year of the Dog! He didn't really do anything but walk around and work the crowd. He would put his hand to his ear like, "I'm listening for some cheering..." and we'd all cheer and he would get all bashful. It was cute.

When the procession was over, we found a table at one of the more hidden areas of the restaurant (all the seasonal celebrations are centered around Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta), and we got to work. And! we finished an entire first draft of Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight! We felt so accomplished. And then, since we'd been smelling parmesan for the past three hours, we went and bought some to eat. Then we went on a couple of rides, got some milkshakes, and headed over to Disneyland to say hi to Farley, getting caught up talking to him and another cast member (who complimented my Attack on Titan x Welcome to the Ballroom t-shirt), and basically having a grand old time. Then her shift ended and Farley's last set ended, so we all went home.

When we got home, we had some time to write get caught up on our review backlog, so we wrote one review before we gave in to the temptation of mobile games. Sometimes we like to just turn off our brains and play Kingdom Hearts Union Cross. And on top of that, today was the launch for Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia! And despite our recent inability to keep up with anything Final Fantasy, we wanted to make an extra effort for this one, because it has all the characters from the Final Fantasies we've already played, and they're all played by our favorite voice actors. And! despite being the English release, all of the voices remain in Japanese. Once we found that out, we were determined to play it. It has Hope and Ace in it! ...And that kept us up a good deal past our bedtime, so we must be going to bed now.

Today I'm thankful for a successful day at the Disneyland office, having a little bit of time for some other productive things, meeting a fellow anime fan who shares our opinions on Fantasmic!, getting to talk to Farley about raptors and other things, and getting to play DFFOO (we like to pronounce it "duh-foo").