January 23rd, 2018


Unforeseen danger

Yesterday we disappeared because we were making our second attempt at Operation: Disneyland Office. ...And actually, we got home at a pretty reasonable time, but then we called Mom and talked for the rest of the evening. Almost. We played Kingdom Hearts after that.

Okay, so I really had no reason not to post yesterday except that it was a slightly more tiring day than usual. But anyway, phase two of Operation: Disneyland Office. We figured out how to get the Chromebook to work without internet, so this time we even went prepared with a few rations and were prepared to work work work! We found the spot we wanted to work in, and got started.

It went a little extra slow, because the Chromebook keyboard is not what I'm used to, and Google Docs is also different than I'm used to, and I'm also not used to not having a mouse. Still, it seemed like all it needed was getting used to, and things were going fairly well until we ran across an unforeseen danger.

The spot we were working was near one of the smaller eating establishments, and it was lunchtime, so all of the tables were occupied. A woman came along with some food and sat on a nearby bench. I thought she might be with the group sitting at the table next to us, and we didn't want to cause any trouble for anyone by squatting at the one table all day, so I offered her a chair. At first she turned me down, because she was by herself and the bench was fine, but then she thought better of it because her tuna sandwich was potentially a messy one and could benefit from having a table under it.

We warned her that we would be muttering in Japanese, and she said that was fine, so we continued to work for a few minutes, but since we were all sitting at the same table, it really only made sense to talk to each other. And that's what we proceeded to do...for four hours. We got so caught up in it, that it didn't even occur to me that, if we were all going to be chatting anyway, we could get up and go on rides together while we were at it. But anyway, we had a lovely afternoon. Just not one that was productive in a "getting our job done" capacity. And this means that we will have to use our discretion when addressing people at our Disneyland office, if we want to have any hope of making this work and still meeting our deadlines.

We also talked to Farley a couple of times, which I only mention because he talked about how his son works in the character department, adding, "That's a place where you can really get a head."

And then we spent today catching up a little tiny bit...and then watching a Sailor Moon Musical. We thiiiiink we're still on schedule to meet our deadlines... But we may have to shape up soon.

Today I'm thankful for making a new friend at Disneyland, having enough room in our schedule that we can probably make up for lost time without too much trouble, getting to see the Sailor Moon S musical, having a fun new series to work on (by which I mean the one we mentioned when we first ordered the Chromebook, which we started on yesterday), and the days getting long enough that the sun is starting to come up when our alarm goes off.