January 17th, 2018


Fire Force volume 7

We realized sometime in the middle of the week...actually, it was right after we posted our last review, that we never posted a review for My Monster Secret 8. We considered editing the post to say we'd be reviewing that today instead of Fire Force 7, but if we shift the schedule again, we'll be pushing back our review of Wake Up Sleeping Beauty again and we're really anxious to post that review! So, I'm sorry, My Monster Secret. I think we'll post a double review, either next week, or maybe when we get to My Monster Secret 9, and then we can review eight and nine together. If anybody has a preference, feel free to speak up!

And now, without further ado, Fire Force 7! Spoilers ahead.

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Wow, that review was kind of all over the place. But it has some interesting(?) discussions of all the research we did to get certain language choices just right. I think the whole "Asakusa words" thing is what started me on my translation=cooking analogy.

Anyway, this week's releases include My Monster Secret 9 (eh heh), Waiting for Spring volume something, and Wake Up Sleeping Beauty volume 2! You see why we were a little torn about bumping up My Monster Secret 9 in favor of Wake Up Sleeping Beauty. But My Monster Secret has been discussed here, and Wake Up Sleeping Beauty hasn't, so I think we'll just give it a bit of a priority. Or maybe we'll post both reviews next week. What do you say? It can be the day of reviewing volumes that already have the next volume out. Or something.

At any rate, there will definitely be a review of Wake Up Sleeping Beauty 1 next week, so tune in!

Today I'm thankful for LJ letting me switch back to the old posting format (I'm just a little too agoraphobic to deal with an interface that has no outlines), the interesting translation challenges presented by Fire Force (we don't always like it in the moment, but we do feel like it's a job well done when we're finished), our package from CD Japan being on its way, our ability to get materials for our next project being restored, and the beautiful weather outside.