January 13th, 2018


New anime

The weekend has been busy as we play catch-up from our not entirely successful Disneyland experiment. This also tends to happen when we accept irregular jobs that inevitably get put off until near the deadline as the regular jobs take up more and more time.

But! we did still take time to watch a couple of episodes of anime. And neither of them really impressed us. I mean, I guess we should have expected Idolish7 to not be so great, because idol anime tends to rely too heavily on the draw of favorite voice actors...and this one doesn't have any of our favorites, so it didn't have much appeal. On the other hand, we watched the first episode of TsukiUta, and I seem to remember it not feeling so slow...because it featured our very favorite voice actor. That's not to say we like everything just because he's in it, though. During the week, we watched Karakai Jozu no Takagi-san (why didn't they translate the title?), which stars our beloved favorite voice actor, and that one felt really slow, too. Everything feels slow these days! It might be us... Hmm...

Which is to say that we watched Gakuen Babysitters (which I think they are translating to School Babysitters, but I never pay enough attention to remember for sure), and since we like the manga so much, we were hoping for something really great, but this, too, felt slow. And tired. Like they made the episode after they were already worn out from dealing with all the small children. But there weren't any small children involved in the production, so that's no justification. Maybe the whole production team spent some time at a daycare to prepare. That would explain the tired feeling.

...And that's really all I have to say about it. Mostly it just made us miss the CD drama cast (Ayana Taketatsu really is the perfect Kirin). We're probably going to keep watching, though. Maybe the pacing will improve.

Today I'm thankful for getting our extra projects done (except for the other one that's due in a couple of weeks), Page being super cute when she's in her cat bed reaching her front paws over the edge, Freschetta being on bulk sale, our new favorite cereal also being on bulk sale, and getting to watch some new anime.