January 11th, 2018


Operation: Disneyland Office

Our first experiment with Operation: Disneyland Office is...inclusive! When we pulled out the new Chromebook last night, we did check the help menu long enough to make sure it is possible to use the thing without connecting to the internet, but we didn't actually read enough of it to find out that you have to download an extension first. And of course, you need the internet to download things, so there we were at our nice little out-of-the-way spot at Disneyland with our Chromebook...and nothing was working. That's when we checked the help menu again and learned about the extension.

Well, it was still a lovely day, but we needed to get some work done, so the plan was to go see Farley, since his first set was about to start, then have lunch, scout out Tom Sawyer's Island to see if there are any good spots to sit with a laptop, and head home. It turned out to be a pretty good plan. We said hi to Farley, and some of his other friends were there, so he introduced us and started talking about how we have the most interesting job, and, since we happened to have a book with us, we pulled it out to demonstrate.

Then he started asking about the Japanese writing system, and we started explaining, and it was really weird, because the Japanese writing system is pretty complicated, so our normal experience with it is that nobody really wants to hear that much unless they're into anime, too, but Farley was fascinated by the whole thing. We weren't sure what to make of it. So we told him next time we'd bring stuff to write with and show him how to write some stuff.

We also learned of the rumored existence of WiFi towers in...Frontierland of all places. I would hope they exist in Tomorrowland, too, but of course Farley's field of expertise is Frontierland, so he may not be so familiar with that stuff in Tomorrowland. We thought about looking into it after lunch, but we'd already programmed ourselves to be done with work until we got home.

Tom Sawyer's Island did turn out to have some promising spots. Unfortunately, Fort Wilderness is closed forever, but I bet it would be pretty cool to sit in there and work on manga.

After our island adventure, we decided to get some rest before making the trek home, and we had just the right timing to catch a show at the Royal Theatre. What's more, today they had our favorite Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones! And since we also happened upon the Bootstrappers pirate band in New Orleans Square, I've decided that, while we didn't get any work done, our first experiment has auspicious results. We will be trying again in the near future, but first we have to get a chunk of work done to make up for all our slacking. (After the Royal Theatre we stopped and watched Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.)

Today I'm thankful for an auspicious start to our new office plan, finding someone we can geek out about Japanese with, getting to see the Bootstrappers, getting to see our favorite Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones, and making not-too-terrible progress on work after we got home.