January 5th, 2018


Checking out Pottermore

I feel like I had things to talk about today, but then we watched the rest of Kantaro and I forgot everything. That show is still really weird, but in a good way. And each episode features a shop where the person who started it is super passionate about something, and wants to share it with the world, and that's something we always like to see.

I think I sort of remember the other stuff now, but maybe it's not that interesting after all. We were chatting on Facebook, and to kill time while we waited for our friend to type (we tend to get into discussions that require lengthy responses), we went to Pottermore to check some stuff out. We've been there before, but never for very long because we're so easily distracted. So we'd been sorted into our Ilvermorny house, which we did way back when it was first a thing, before people started pointing out how problematic it is. Which is not to say that we wouldn't have wanted to be sorted anyway, because as people who grew up in America, we really do want to have some affiliation with the school of witchcraft and wizardry here in the States...

Anyway, since we went to Universal Studios, our interest in Harry Potter has been rekindled, so we went back to Pottermore to poke around some more. We finally did a Hogwarts sorting, and were not surprised at all to be sorted into Ravenclaw. When it first became a thing, we always said we would be in Gryffindor because we wanted to be and the Sorting Hat does take that into consideration, but then a bunch of other self-proclaimed Gryffindors came along and said, "No, there's no way you would ever be in Gryffindor; you're not brave enough. You're absolutely 100% a Ravenclaw. Now go talk to that cast member because I'm too afraid of what they'd think of me." So we got fed up with Gryffindor and decided we wanted to be in Hufflepuff because that's the house where they actual value, like, being nice to people and stuff. But then we were at Universal Studios, and I was thinking about it, and while I do think Hufflepuffs have some admirable qualities, if you take my own preferences out of it, we're just too cold and dead on the inside to be in Hufflepuff, so we would probably be in Ravenclaw after all.

So I'm actually really glad we did the sorting, though, because after reading the letter from the Ravenclaw prefect and how it talks about Ravenclaw being where all the eccentrics and people who are really passionate about their weird hobbies go, I think we would fit right in. And now we know what sparkly t-shirt to buy next time we go to Universal Studios (assuming we're feeling like we can afford it).

But the other important thing I wanted to mention was that we read up on MACUSA, the magical governing body for North America, and we realized that all of the problematic stuff about how J.K. Rowling didn't properly research the Native Americans doesn't seem to only apply to Native America. I mean, yeah, the essay knew when the Salem Witch Trials were, but that's a big enough thing, even Japanese people know when those were. And to be fair, it's not like we're experts. But the main thing is this: MACUSA (the MAgical Congress of the United States of America) was formed decades before the name "United States of America" was really a thing. Maybe there was some divination involved? I don't know. But since the American magical society is so separate from its No-Maj society, it just seems like they wouldn't even want to go there. On the other hand, maybe they just came up with it first? I don't know. But don't even get us started on Mahoutokoro.

Anyway. There is an incredible amount of world-building that went into Hogwarts alone, so I definitely admire the whole series, and as someone who is way too lazy to research things, I can say with a fair amount of certainty that Rowling probably has done more research than I would have (this is a large part of why I don't write stories). And I already sound way too self-important, so I should really just shut up. The point is, it's fun to go get sorted and see what your wand is and everything. But I do wish I knew why the MACUSA headquarters looks so Egyptian-inspired. (Maybe it's not; it's not like I know anything about Egypt.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch all of Kantaro, today's assignment indeed not being doomful, having time to work on other assignments, getting to chat with our friend, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.