December 30th, 2017

kid flash

Catching up

We didn't have to work today! Woohoo! We mostly spent the day catching up on anime and reviews. We still have one review to write. Sometimes I think we take too long on those things, but we spent about an hour on our review for Wake Up Sleeping Beauty 4, and I think it turned out to be a pretty good one. I mean, technically the point of a review is not to be a masterpiece in and of itself, but to discuss the masterpiece level of the book being reviewed, but I at least want them to be interesting. We read so many reviews that are like, "And then this happened, and this happened..." and they have, like, no thoughts in them, and we're like, "If I just wanted a summary, I could read the book myself." So what am I doing summarizing all these books? Well, frankly I'm hoping it will help me remember my reactions to what happened, and also I'm remembering some of our best otome game reviews, which are basically summaries with commentary.

I remember when we'd spend half the review discussing why a book was so hard to translate, but these days I feel like we can't afford the luxury of worrying about how hard something is. We have to just deal with it and keep plowing forward. Plus, we're not working on stuff that takes as much research as Noragami...and hopefully that didn't jinx something. Hozuki sort of takes a lot of research. Also, I like to think that we've gotten so good that we just don't have that many major hurdles. ...But who am I kidding? We're not that good. I think, more likely, I just feel like all the struggles we come across are things we've already addressed multiple times. And most of all, I'm too tired to remember that far back by the time we get to writing a review.

And do you realize I'm sitting here basically reviewing reviews? Ah, life is silly. I still have a bunch of stuff to report on, re: Christmas and Universal Studios, but today was a day for other things. And tomorrow we'll be doing a year in review post, and Monday's our day off... Well, I'm sure I'll get to it eventually.

Today I'm thankful for getting to finish watching Land of the Lustrous and Welcome to the Ballroom, getting to see like a whole flock of seagulls at the grocery store (it was almost majestic...and also a little worrisome as far as walking under all those birds in flight), being almost caught up on review writing, getting to see Adrien and Boots (two of the patio cats; they haven't been hanging around as much lately and we were missing them), and having a super cute anime to translate winter season.