December 26th, 2017


Looking up?

Today is a day of tentative optimism. We remembered before we got to work on Fire Force that they were in the middle of something that promised to be a long series of battles, and we were pleased to discover that it did turn out to be just that! And so we not only finished the first draft, but we had time to go grocery shopping, and get more than halfway through an edit of Hanako-kun! AND watch the last episode of UQ Holder!.

And of course that led to pulling out our translations of those scenes in the manga and laughing at our own jokes (but we wouldn't have come up with them if Akamatsu hadn't technically written them first). Man, I love how we translated Rakan (but I wish we'd checked before we romanized his name, 'cause apparently he's named after a philosopher or someone, but we'll just say it's a similar name but not the same, like Ku:nel Sanders (we don't know why the colon is there; it was grandfathered in)). But we also noticed a few places where we were like, "Aw, man, we should have done it like this." Perfectionism never ends.

But we can't celebrate yet, because man, the dialogue in our Fire Force first draft is awkward. It's so bad. We should save some samples. I keep thinking we need to save some of our first drafts so we can show people the ridiculous things we type up just to make sure we get all the information in before we polish it up. Well, this is our reminder. Anyway, usually when dialogue ends up really bad in a first draft it's because it takes too much brain power to come up with a natural-sounding English version, which means the edit is going to be difficult. But sometimes it's just because we wanted to make sure all the information was there, and it just takes a little bit of tweaking. In this case, I'm pretty sure it was the former (it's not like I remember every line of dialogue), but maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised. Oh, and sometimes it's because we think we probably could come up with a more natural wording, but it will change depending on further context so we decide to wait. Maybe that's where all the awkwardness came from... *hopeful*

Today I'm thankful for making good progress at work today, having lots of pizza, the delicious cookies we brought home after Christmas, Mom and Steve buying us a tin of those chocolate cookies from Costco, and warm pajamas.