December 20th, 2017


Corpse Party: Book of Shadows

Well, our schedule is all kinds of weird today. We're supposed to be translating an episode of anime, but we still don't have the materials, so we could finish the edit on the manga we're working on instead, but there are the paperwork issues that were mentioned last night which means there's added trouble that makes it annoying, so we probably should just finish it and get it out of the way, but! we had another editor email and ask us if we could do a quick rush job, and frankly that one is way more interesting at this point. But the point is, our schedule is weird, so we figure we might as well post a review early! Tadah! (Also, because this week is Corpse Party, posting early will give us the chance to post something else later, so we don't have Corpse Party at the top of our list for a week while we're busy doing holiday things.)

And so, here is our review of Corpse Party: Book of Shadows! In three parts. (This covers the whole omnibus, so basically it's spoilers all over the place.)

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Oh man, this series. At least we amuse ourselves in the retelling. We went to Universal Studios a couple of days ago, and it got mentioned at a couple of attractions that they're known for their horror movies, and I was like, "The stories might be pretty interesting on some of those!" but reviews like this remind me why we don't look too deeper into that.

Anyway! For this week's releases, we have just one. The eighteenth and final volume of Say I Love You. We did most of the first draft for that one while waiting for a flight in Narita Airport.

And tune in next week, for our review of the first volume of My Brother the Shut-In! A series that snuck up on everyone, including us! (To give you an idea of how sneaky it was, we actually translated it after we got back from Japan on that trip where we were working on Say I Love You in the airport, and we still have four other reviews to post between Shut-In and Love You.)

We may be back later if work permits, but for now, I'm thankful for being done posting about Corpse Party, the reviews being lighthearted enough to not set a creepy tone for the day, having more pound cake to look forward to, Christmas tree lights, and getting to watch The Seven Deadly Sins again.

Happy Holidays!

Well, here's another entry for today, but it's not going to have anything about our Universal Studios trip, like I sort of hoped for earlier. We had a stretch of time when we were just waiting for materials, so it felt like we might be able to do things with ourselves other than work, but of course that was a silly feeling, because the fact that we had that time really only meant we wouldn't have time later. And actually, we never got the materials, so we ultimately decided to work with what we did have, and that resulted in us being up past our bedtime. But hopefully with less work to do during our vacation.

Anyway, as of tomorrow, we're going to be busy with holiday stuff! So we probably won't have time to post much of anything. And in case we don't manage to post anything, Merry Christmas, everyone!