December 15th, 2017


An afternoon on the town(?)

We wore ourselves out today, maybe a little more than necessary, but we had a pretty good day. I don't know if the consequences are going to get us, though. Instead of working all day, like we probably should have done, we left in the middle of the day to go see the Christmas parade at Disneyland. Unfortunately, we weren't smart enough to check the blockout dates on our passes, so instead we just went to the ticket booth to pay off the remaining balance on the things.

And then we went to the mall. There's one near Disneyland (not Downtown Disney) that we'd been meaning to check out, and now we had some extra motivation, because we have it on not-too-unreliable authority that the sister for whom we must buy a Christmas gift this year might possibly be a fan of Lush bath and body products, and this mall has that store. So we went there, and were smacked across the head once again with the realization that we have no clue what we're doing in those kinds of stores. There was a very helpful salesperson, though, and he gave us some helpful suggestions. Ultimately, we ended up picking out a couple of bath bombs to go with the lotion we bought her in Japan, and we're going to top it off with an Amazon gift card for good measure. (Our strategy when buying gifts for people and we don't know what they'll like is to find a ballpark area of interest and keep throwing things at it in the hopes something sticks.)

After that, we were walking around looking at things, and one of the local artists saw us looking at his work (this mall has at least two art galleries), so we ended up talking to him about Disney Princesses for a good long while. Now we have spread our view on Snow White to one more person. (I wrote about it here.) Ever so slowly, we're convincing people that she's not really as weak as people think she is.

Then we came home and ordered pizza. We were in danger of blowing off everything else and playing Kingdom Hearts for the rest of the day, but then we decided to be responsible. And now here we are.

Today I'm thankful for having some nice gifts for our sister (I hope she likes them!), getting to talk to somebody about Disney princesses, getting to go out and get some fresh air, having our annual passes paid off, and having a YumeTwins box to go open right now.