December 8th, 2017


Reviewing the review idea

As expected, we did not finish work on Land of the Lustrous today. We didn't even make it halfway through! Tomorrow is going to be rough. We may end up asking for more time on it, because we can't afford to lose sleep over anything. The only problem with that is, if we push one thing back, everything gets pushed back in a horrible domino effect that crushes our free time and our souls. And our early January is starting to fill up.

But let's talk about something less doomful. We've been watching anime on Anime Strike, mostly because we really wanted to watch Welcome to the Ballroom, and then there was a bunch of other cool stuff, and then this season it was the only place to get Land of the Lustrous and UQ Holder!, and of course we wanted to watch the anime for those, because we translate the manga. And since Sentai didn't ask us to translate those series, it turned out to be a good thing we had a Strike subscription.

Anyway, the point is, through all this, we discovered that an Anime Strike subscription also gives you a free digital volume of manga every month. We figure that's a pretty sweet deal, considering even a digital manga usually costs more than an Anime Strike subscription (assuming you already have Amazon Prime, which we didn't, but we'd always been thinking about trying it). This wouldn't really be an advantage for us, though, since we read all our manga in Japanese, but! as some of you know, we've been considering the possibility of reviewing translation quality in an attempt to raise awareness to the fact that it is, in fact, a thing. We had no idea how to go about selecting manga, but now we can potentially go with the free manga we get from Anime Strike!

And so, every month, we look forward to seeing what new manga we're going to get! ...And we still haven't read any of the ones we've gotten, because we haven't had the time, which is the biggest contributor to the fact that we haven't really done anything in regards to a translation review blog. But that's not the point I was going to make. The point I wanted to make was this! last month's manga was Land of the Lustrous!!

Ha, ha, ha... If we were to review that manga's translation quality, it would surely come across as very biased. I mean, I like to think we can be objective about it, but obviously the translators' style is going to be well in harmony with our tastes. But I'm sure there would be a few lines here and there that we'd be like, "Really? That's how you decided to translate that?"

Well, that's okay, because first of all, we haven't actually gotten started on this review thing, and second of all, it's not like they're going to have manga that we translated every month. Once in a while, it should be okay.

And that brings us to this month's free manga. I will give you three guesses! ...Okay, I can't really hear your guesses, because they're across time and space, but I can ramble to give you time before I give you the answer, which shouldn't be too hard to come up with based on the setup I've given you.

Do you have your guesses yet? Okay, here's the answer! It's UQ Holder! Tadah!

And I think we've already talked about our UQ Holder translations since the anime started. They're hilarious. They make us think we're very clever. (Although there was one line that we read recently from many many chapters ago that had us going, "...We should have worded that differently.")

But you know, now that I think of it, many years ago, I read the Illusion of Life book, which is a super awesome book about animation written by the legendary animators Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, I remember specifically that they took an example of good animation from The Rescuers...and I think that scene was animated by either Frank or Ollie. So it's not unheard of to use your own work to say, "See, this is how you do it." But it still seems a little self-important. ...On the other hand, so does writing reviews of translation quality. I mean, who appointed us translation inspectors? And that thought is another thing that makes me hesitate to start a translation review blog. But I am conceited enough to do it anyway. Assuming I had the time. Which I don't.

Today I'm thankful for getting a little bit of work done on Land of the Lustrous, Anime Strike helping fans to read our awesome translations (see? conceited), blanket weather, there being pizza at the stake activity, and having some uncertain time which turned out to be great for getting caught up on review writing.