December 6th, 2017


First Love Monster, volume 8

Oh hey, it's Review Rednesday! The last couple of days have been so... Okay, we went to Disneyland and that threw everything off, as usual. It's this nasty habit of staying until almost closing time when the park is open until midnight, and then going at opening the next day at eight. This does not allow for enough sleep, and now we are having some serious fatigue problems (once again, as usual). I don't know why we keep doing this to ourselves, or if there's a way to stop it. (Okay, so I do know why we do it. It's because it's what our friend wants to do, and the reason he wants to do it that way is because that's what works for him. I don't know how to resolve that issue.) And the point is, we almost forgot, because of course when we're working through the tiredness to finish this rough draft, it turns out to be the most talkative volume of this series to date. Why, Land of the Lustrous!? WHY!?

Anyway. Since we already have a review written, we might as well take a couple of minutes to post it, because what's that compared to the hour or two of sleep we're going to lose tonight? (We might actually go to bed in favor of finishing our other thing that we were planning to edit tomorrow. Despite being told we had until the ninth, we've just been notified by a mindless program that it's apparently due at 4pm tomorrow. Sigh.) So here's our review of First Love Monster volume eight! Spoiler level: is there even anything in this series worth spoiling?

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And there you have it. This series continues to be this series. And as for this week's releases, we have Fire Force 7 and! the premiere of Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty! None of the reviewers at Anime News Network liked it, but that's only because of unmet expectations. Just don't expect anything--that's how we do it. But! if you ask us, while you can't expect certain subject matter, we think you can expect a sweet little shoujo romance with a bit of a supernatural twist.

And tune in next week, for our review of the first volume of Forbidden Scrollery! This is another one that the ANN reviewers didn't like! This time, I think it's because they don't understand the nature of video game spin-off manga. You can see how we liked it next week!

Today I'm thankful for still being alive, a large breakfast that allowed us to keep working without a break until dinner time, the cool souvenirs Gaston brought us from Disney World and the Caribbean, getting to spend time with our friend, and this extra-talkative volume not being for a generally talkative series.