December 3rd, 2017


A day to relax

We got to have a nice, relaxing Sunday today. I'm not sure I have anything to talk about, but we did watch some episodes of the second half of season seven of My Little Pony, and there's one where the ponies all revisit the friendship journal they kept in the one season, and Rainbow Dash was reading her entries and laughing to herself and going, "I'm awesome." And we were especially amused, because that's how we read our old translations and journal entries. (But if we went back too far in our old translations, we'd probably be like, "Uuuugh, what hack translated this?")

Also, the kids in Primary were especially rambunctious today. Athena was like, "Is it a full moon or something?" and then we came home and looked at the internet, and some people were talking about a supermoon? Yeeeeah.

Today I'm thankful for having a nice relaxing Sunday, getting to watch new (to us) My Little Pony, having a bunch of cookies to look forward to, having a slightly better idea about what our Christmas plans are, and being surrounded by adorable kitties as usual.