November 30th, 2017



It's starting to almost feel like maybe we can do it! We just have to edit a whole translation, and then type up a whole first draft of another book, tomorrow, and we'll be home free! Piece of cake, right? ...I might cry.

No, really, though, the edit seems like it won't be too hard, and the first draft is for a series that is historically not very text-dense, so I think we can do it. Then we edit the second translation on Monday, go to Disneyland on Tuesday, and we'll have three days to do the last thing we have due next week (which for some reason always has a bazillion pages and yet each of them still has the average amount of text or more), and then! we might get back to a more normal schedule. Of course, the three days is dependent on our not need all of Wednesday to recover, and not having UQ Holder! to translate, and we're sure to have UQ Holder! to translate, so...we're still doomed. But maybe not quite so doomed.

And! today we had time to write two reviews! We had four piled up, but now we only have two! ...Of course, ideally by the end of tomorrow we'll have three, so hopefully we'll also have time to write one or two more.

But now, my brain has registered the fact that we've finished all our work today and is rather aggressively trying to put me to sleep. I'm so glad it's bedtime.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota today, having time to write reviews, not being killed by the Death by Frosting monster cake we ate today (it's not even that big; just so much frosting; we think the amount of frosting is equal to the amount of cake, but anyway, it is tasty (also, I call it a monster cake because it's decorated to look like a monster)), cats in a box (we had a delivery with a big box, so we left the box outside for the cats in the patio, and they love it (more than Page would; she's not much of a box cat)), and getting to bed a little early maybe.