November 28th, 2017



Today has been a good day. The big news is that we finished our second draft of the big translation we were working on. I'm kind of afraid of how long the final readthrough will take, but finishing the edit is a big step.

The other news is that the little kitten with goopy eye no longer has a goopy eye. We were looking at him from our window and the eye that had been goopy seemed a little extra pale, though, so I went outside to see if I could win his trust. Athena gave me some treats, and I crouched down and held them out, like the Beast in "Something There," only I didn't make cat treat a trail. I just sat there and waited. I didn't have to wait long before the cat we have started calling Adrien (after Cat Noir from Miraculous) came along and started eating all the treats--this should have been no surprise, since Adrien will come running every time we open the door. We're not sure if he just really likes us, or if he really liked the muffin crumbs Athena shared with him once and dreams of having them again.

Anyway, while Adrien ate the treats, the little striped kitten (the one we were worried about) hopped off the fence and started getting closer. And when Adrien had eaten all but one of the treats, he paused just long enough for the little striped kitten to come and take it. Awwww! He maybe trusts me a little! Later, when we went outside for some other reason, he didn't run away from me! Success! (Almost. I stood there just a second too long, so he decided to play it safe and run anyway, but he didn't go all the way to his hiding place.)

And even better, it looks like his eye is fine, and the paleness was a trick of the lighting. In less good news, it looks like his brother picked up his conjunctivitis. But since one kitten managed to recover, I'm pretty confident the other will, too. And in the meantime, we can keep building trust in case things get really bad and we have to snatch them up and take them to a doctor.

Today I'm thankful for finishing the big scary edit, the kittens not being terrified of us anymore, the hope that we might actually finish all our work on time, also finishing this week's episode of Hozuki, and it being cool enough for Page to sit on laps.