November 27th, 2017



Work did not go so well today. Why? Because we spent at least two hours (at least) (Athena says two million years) trying to figure out what an electro side chain might be. We still don't know. I mean, we know what it might be...related to, but not really what it is. At first we thought it was related to biochemistry, but the more we think about it, the more we're pretty sure it has to have something to do with electromagnetism. And it wouldn't even matter if we didn't want to write a note about it. We'd just be like, "There's what it is, people! It's an attack name; nobody needs to know the details!" I mean seriously, does anybody really know what sparkling wide pressure is? I know I sure don't. ...And now I'm wondering if I'm going to need to look that up, too.

...Probably not; everyone takes it for granted that that's just a thing, and all they need to know about that is that it zaps people. This side chain thing seems to be more specific...or not. Who can say? Probably a Japanese manga editor from 25 years in the past. But certainly not any of the Japanese readers, or at least not any of the ones with blogs that are still up.

Eventually we decided to just forget about it and maybe come back to it later, but by then it was too late. We pretty much hit our limit at about eight-thirty and decided we might as well just watch UQ Holder! instead. So we did! And then we looked up our translations of those events in the manga and once again cracked ourselves up at our own jokes. I mean come on, "Guardian angel to all damsels in emotional distress." It's brilliant! Who comes up with this stuff? (Ah, so modest. I'm pretty sure it was inspiration.)

And now here we are. We're not on schedule, and this is a dangerous thing. We may have to ask for more time on our next assignment. On the bright side, it looks like we probably won't be interrupted with a trip to Disneyland until next week. (This is also not-so-bright, because we have reason to believe this week will be less crowded. If there's even a remote chance we'll have the time, maybe we'll go by ourselves.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch UQ Holder!, knowing that (at least a couple years ago) we can (could) write stuff that at least we think is really funny, making some progress at work today, the little striped kitten appearing to have less of a goopy eye, and finding a book of corny cowboy jokes.