November 25th, 2017


Little things

It's Saturday, so we took the day off from work as usual, but since we have a ton of non-work stuff that needs to get done, we got very frustrated at the never-ending to-do list. This only sort of led to escapism, however, in the form of, "Well, here's something we've been meaning to do that we're going to do now, but we're going to take our time doing it." It was just going through all our Tokyo Treat things and figuring out which ones were expired and which ones were still safe to try. Naturally, this also involved trying some of them, and we didn't really like either of them. They recently changed their system so the little box isn't available anymore, so I think it's time we canceled our subscription.

Athena pointed out that the reason we even started it was that it was an attempt to expand our horizons and try stuff we wouldn't normally try, and that did happen occasionally, but as she also pointed out, the lesson we learned is that we just like what we like. Of course, part of the problem is that it's harder to try things outside of your comfort zone when you're constantly in an uncomfortable situation, as we have been for the last several however long it's even been. That's a big part of why the treats kept piling up untried--we were too busy to bother with figuring out what to try and what to do to fix it if we thought it was disgusting.

And now our to-do list is not any shorter, because it's never any shorter. Our main non-work thing to do is get our living room clean so we can set up our Christmas tree. We even got another garland so we can have more sparkly tinsel goodness (the grocery store happened to have one that matched the one we already have, which turned out to be too short, but now we have two!). We figure if we go a liiiittle bit at a time, the living room will eventually be clean enough, even if we don't think we have an hour or two to do it all at once.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting to sleep in, having another garland for our tree, getting to spend the evening playing Kingdom Hearts, getting to watch some anime (that is part of our Saturday to-do list, actually, but it's the thing on the list that we do to replenish energy, like eating), and having some fudge to look forward to (although I am starting to wonder if maybe we didn't buy enough chocolate; I feel there's a desperate need for it).