November 24th, 2017



Well, our day turned out not to be as chock-full of Sailor Moon as we'd originally planned. We thought it would just be all Sailor Moon all the time, but instead, it was time to do this month's chapter of Farewell, My Dear Cramer! That was good, too, because we like that series and it was a good chapter, but it was hard to be set back again. The work, it is endless. We also had some stuff to take care of on a new series we've been working on! And it just got announced recently, so we can even tell you what it is! And it's digital, so even though it only just got announced, it's set to be released just next week! What! No wonder our schedule for that one has been so intense. My goodness. We're doomed.

So we've been wondering what we can do about this whole "dying from overwork" problem, and right now the best we can come up with is to spread awareness about the fact that there is such a thing as quality translation. You may think that the obvious solution is to not accept so many projects, but we've had a few too many experiences being broke this year to feel comfortable doing that. Then you may think that the obvious solution to that is to stop doing silly things like constantly run off to Disneyland and Japan, and that...may be a valid theory. We don't have time for Disneyland anyway. Nevertheless, when an opportunity to go to Japan presents itself, we usually feel like it's more important to go than to not be broke.

But anyway, the idea is to spread awareness about the differences in translation quality, and the fact that different translations in fact do present different experiences. Ideally, this will help the fans to realize that they want higher quality translations, and then they will be willing to A) wait longer for such things to come about, or B) pay more for them. That way, either we'll have more time and be less crunched, or we'll be paid more so we can afford to turn more things down. It seems like a dream within a dream, but we'll never know unless we try, right?

The first step is...waiting until we have time to take any kind of step. Alas.

Today I'm thankful for getting some work done on Sailor Moon, tomorrow being Saturday and not having any random meetings popping up out of nowhere, finishing a chapter of Cramer, new Spirit parts on Kingdom Hearts Union Cross, and people who read manga in English.