November 23rd, 2017


Happy Thanksgiving!!

We hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving today! We spent ours working on next week's episode of Hozuki, because Gaston is sure to want to go to Disneyland next week (he's already told us as much), and we wanted to make sure no Disneyland plans interfered with our anime schedule. Of course, this does not mean that we would have been free to take the day off without those plans; it just means we would have had an extra day to work on Sailor Moon. We don't want to risk taking too many days off for that one, because it has a knack for taking waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer than expected--it's like a labyrinth of work, because you just keep going and going, and you feel like surely you must have made a lot of progress, but then you look at where you are and it's pretty much right around where you started. But! that schedule has a little more wiggle room than a weekly anime schedule, so we wiggled it.

It wasn't all work, though! We had a Thanksgiving miracle, and actually finished the episode (as much as we can do, anyway) before dinner! And that meant we had the evening off! Woohoo!!! It was such a foreign concept, we had no idea what to do with ourselves. So we went to the one thing that's been giving us respite the last several days, and played more Kingdom Hearts Union Cross. It was lovely.

And now we're getting ready to go to bed early, because we ran out of AP, and because we slept through our alarm the last two mornings. It was kind of fun, though, because we have a CD alarm clock, and right now it's set to play one of the Koe no Ouji-sama Disney CDs, so this morning I was conscious just long enough to recognize that the CD had started before I went back to sleep and had dreams involving Disney music. Aaah...

But the point is, it's clear that we need more sleep, so we're going to try to get some. (We have a bad habit of staying up late talking, because we're reluctant to actually go to sleep, because when we wake up it's more drudgery. I say it as if I don't like my job, but I do like my job! But also we've been using up a lot of brain power on it and not properly replenishing, so now we have a vicious cycle of being tired from work and therefore not wanting to work, which in turn keeps us up late as our one viable form of procrastination, but then we're even more tired, and it just gets worse.)

Today I'm thankful for being ahead on Hozuki, getting the evening off, the yummy food we got to eat today, dreams about Disney music (from back when we still like it), and getting to play extra Kingdom Hearts today.