November 20th, 2017


So much work...

Today has been exhausting. We got a text from a friend in the ward asking about our Thanksgiving plans, and that's when I paused and really did the math. We have five books and three anime episodes due in the next three weeks, and that is why we will be working full-time on Thanksgiving. So of course this month's volume of My Monster Secret is way more talkative than the more recent volumes. I seriously wonder how much the people who invented this format considered the time it takes to actually type up a script in said format, and if so, have they ever done it for a series that talks this much? And I'm not even bothering with adding bold text.

In other not-so-happy news, after a few days of observation we have determined that one of the kittens almost certainly has been taken. We can only hope that this means it has been taken to a warm home, and not taken away by, say, a coyote. I think our complex has plenty of other places for coyotes to raid between us and wherever the coyote live...I don't even know if we get coyotes here. I have heard about raccoons and possums, though. Of course our number one suspect is the neighbor who came by the other day, but there's no evidence, and there are plenty of other people who walk by.

In happier news, we got to try Pizza Hut's new ultimate cheesy pizza, or whatever they're calling it. It was pretty tasty, but the crust is a bit of an enigma as far as how to go about eating it. Especially for people with small mouths like ours.

Today I'm thankful for Page being extra cute today, getting to try a new pizza, finishing our first draft of My Monster Secret, the hope that one day the kittens will come to trust us again, and at least getting to watch them jump around on the fence.