November 17th, 2017


Fa la la la la

If it's not one thing, it's another. Work went well today, but not quite as well as we'd hoped. That's okay, though, because it's Friday! And we get to sleep in tomorrow! ...Or so we thought until we were about halfway through our final readthrough of our current translation (working overtime, of course). We got a phone call from the new ward special music coordinator, and she wants to have a meeting for all of the ward musical people tomorrow at ten.

Ten's actually not too bad a time for a meeting, so generally we wouldn't complain, but we usually sleep until about nine-thirty on Saturday and it was all so sudden I didn't even think to ask if she'd be willing to give us a ride (of course we have no idea who else will be there, so even if we were okay with calling people the night before a morning thing for a ride, we wouldn't know who to call). And even that would still be fine if we didn't mind getting up, pulling some clothes on, and heading out the door, but for some reason we just can't do that. Also, we understand that as weak as we generally are, it's probably important to have breakfast before exerting ourselves on a walk, which will be more strenuous because ideally we'll be stopping at the grocery store on the way home. (I say "ideally" because that all depends on whether or not we finally get one of the many checks we've been waiting for.)

But that's enough complaining! It's the ward Christmas program! We get to help with the music! ...I'm actually just a liiiittle bit worried, because before the ward boundaries changed, we were like THE music people, and now there will be new people who might be more suited to being THE music people, and while that's really not a problem (I know I'm not the greatest pianist in the world), I like to feel important for doing something that's not super difficult. I know it's selfish, but...I got no excuses. Anyway, Christmas music is great!

Today I'm thankful for being back on track with work, getting to help with the ward Christmas program, getting to play Kingdom Hearts and have a yummy pizza for dinner, the meeting only being a little early, and Page no longer being offended by the heated cat bed (we unplugged it over the summer in the hopes that she could use it and not get too hot, but we think that might have made her think it didn't work anymore or something).