November 15th, 2017


Nekogahara volume 3

It's that time again! Review Rednesday! This week we bring you Nekogahara volume three!

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Wow, that review spent an inordinate amount of time talking about punny names and chapter titles. Ah, memories. I wonder when we'll work on this series again... (Although I do enjoy the series, I hope it's not too soon, because we are still so swamped. (I'm afraid I just jinxed it.))

This week, we actually had three translations released! Let's see if I can remember what they are... Forbidden Scrollery volume one is one. Then there's First Love Monster...8? And My Monster Secret...also 8, I think. *checks* Yes, eight on both. Also, there's a volume of UQ Holder!, but we don't have reviews of that one, alas. (I would definitely want to start writing some, since it's monthly now and not weekly, but we don't have time anyway. Alas again.)

And tune in next week for our riveting(?) review of Land of the Lustrous 3! Ooh, and they'll be showing corresponding episodes of the anime this week, too! How timely!

Today I'm thankful for reviews to look fondly back on, one of the kittens trusting us enough to at least not let us distract it from eating, the yummy pound cake we had for a snack, new Spirit parts in Kingdom Hearts Union Cross, and not making terrible progress on work today.