November 13th, 2017


A different sort of adventure

Today turned out to be much more adventurous than originally planned. Not in a "going outside the house" kind of adventure sort of way, though. We're working on this thing that has "revision" as part of the process, so after we turn in our translation, the editor edits it, and then we're supposed to revise it, but we're not entirely sure what that means, so we usually just send it back. This time, the editor had tracked changes, so I figured I better untrack the changes before sending it back, and that turned into actually seeing the changes, which, as everyone knows by now, is not something we take very well to.

We're just very opinionated and sometimes have artistic differences. So then it turned into an exercise in choosing our battles--which changes to accept and which changes to reject. I'll even admit a few of the editor's changes were better. Most of them (I hope) we managed to just say "whatever, artistic differences" and let them go, but there were some that we were like, "Nope!" and we either changed it back or changed it to something else entirely. I'm not even sure if that's what we were supposed to do, but now it's done, so I guess we'll see if we get an email telling us not to do that.

The other adventure involved trying to explain our choice of pronouns for Land of the Lustrous. It actually wasn't that hard, because we did have solid reasoning for it, but we had to think back and remember what that reasoning was. You know how sometimes you spend a long time deliberating before you make a decision, and then you make the decision and move forward doing things that way, but then it's like a year later so you don't remember all the details? That's what happened. We sent a short essay to our editor and then I remembered the main reason, so we had to email her again. The main reason is that the series itself hasn't explicitly stated that there's no gender yet, so we're trying to keep it as ambiguous as possible.

And then the first part of our workday was shot, so there went our plans to finish Waiting for Spring. But that was okay, because this week's episode of Hozuki was early, so we got to get an early start on that and hopefully not be too far off schedule this week.

Today I'm thankful for getting new Spirit parts in Kingdom Hearts, the strawberry cake we brought home from Bread Day, being able to back up our decisions, cute kitties on the patio, and getting a cute Tsum Tsum lap blanket with Donald and Chip and Dale in our YumeTwins box.