November 12th, 2017


More Japan trip reporting!

I still think it's so cute how I'll take a CD from the CD drive, and Page will be on the alert to watch me put a new one in. She just seems so fascinated by the disc holder moving in and out.

But anyway, it's that time again! Time to talk about our Japan trip! This may or may not be the last one of these reports. We shall see.

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After some quick evaluation, we have determined that we do have enough more stories to tell that we might as well save the rest of them for next time we have enough time to report. So stay tuned!

Today I'm thankful for our Primary program going really well today, the neat villains shows they had going on at DisneySea, the super delicious ice cream sandwiches the Primary president brought the kids as a post-program treat, having some cute little lasagnas to try for dinner tonight, and it turning out that I have a ton of pretty good pictures from that Villains' World show.