November 9th, 2017



Today was productive, I think? We managed to finish a translation! Huzzah! And then we went to help with the music for a church leadership meeting. It was only mildly bummery because all the desserts were autumn-themed, which meant pumpkin and/or nuts, and also because not only did we finish a translation, but we finished it early, so we could have spent time on the Big Project (it's really not a secret anymore; I just like to pretend it is, or something). But it all worked out, because it was a nice meeting overall and we got to see people we like, and since we had to go early due to logistics, while we were there, we had some time to catch up on reading Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight.

In other news...there's not a lot of other news. We were feeling super procrastinaty, by which I don't mean we wanted to put stuff off so much as we just really didn't want to do it, so we called our little sister to talk about Miraculous, and I think the whole thing has helped me shift my perspective in what will hopefully turn out to be a productive way. We'll see if I do anything about it. The main thing I realized is that while I desperately want validation, so does every single other person in the whole world. So instead of worrying about myself and my own validation, maybe I should try to validate other people. So you! Yes, you, the person reading this! You should know that there's only one of you, and that makes you special, and the world would not be the same place without you in it. So stay awesome!

Today I'm thankful for re-balanced perspectives, finishing our translation of Hanako-kun today (it was a pretty intense volume, you guys), getting to get out and see people, finally getting to play Kingdom Hearts again (they were doing maintenance during our usual Kingdom Hearts break time yesterday), and getting to talk to our sister.